What is Tooling ?
Tooling is a comprehensive tool for analyzing and working with SSIM files. It has the benefits of graphics, speed and flexibility. Tooling lets you deal with SSIM files in several ways: 
analyse by map routings, by Flight Frequency or from a Horisontal list
make SSIM extracts by route or station and convert between UTC and Local Time
expand flight data from period to period or generate for comparison
look at flight connections within an alliance or at an airport (hub).

Why use Tooling ?
Tooling is more market oriented than Builder. It assists the user in analysing route alternatives, competition and of course the existing network. The ability to check connections with other airlines makes it valuable for the schedule planner in the evaluation of his own program. Other applications may need expanded or extended SSIM files as input and Tooling is made for manipulating flight data.