What is Builder ?
The Builder program enables you to keep your traffic program updated and balanced against your fleet. The optimizer ensures maximum utility of your fleet and the Gantt gives great possibilities to analyze traffic program changes. And of course generate your own IATA SSIM file for communication purposes:
  with partners and computer aided applications
  to booking agencies and data collectors.
In its most simple form, Builder helps you build and maintain your Traffic Program according to industry standards which opens up for several advantages. It minimizes the risk of faults due to manual editing. Gives flexibility in choice of adhering software products. And to generate output & statistics directly in Microsoft Excel.

Why was Builder developed ?
Many of the established scheduling applications on the market has grown to become very complex and hence very expensive for regional carriers. Our ambition is to meet the demand for modern, basic and less expensive yet reliable software.

What makes Builder a perfect Scheduling tool ?
Good schedule management depends heavily on resource utilization and for some, the co-ordination of slots. Such functionality is integrated within Builder. The Builder work procedure enables "what if's", i.e. small scenarios, before saving for better evaluation. Builder is furthermore the most modern system on the market, clearly created with the latest technology. Moreover, its basic design and good technical structure makes it very fast.