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Our Strategy_______________

Android is focusing on PC software supporting traffic scheduling mainly from the passengers' point of view. Keywords are Origin-Destination, Passenger connections and Timetable publishing. Android has over ten years of experience from designing and developing software used by the airline industry as sub contractor. We are now developing and marketing small systems to assist airlines with scheduling, slot management, connections, cost/revenue control and production of Timetables ready for printing. Our systems conform to the IATA Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM). 


The applications are concentrated to the draft period before the official season. The advantage of traffic programs stored as plain text files in SSIM format is then obvious; to make alternative solutions and evaluate them regarding aircraft, slots, costs etc. It is also easy to get flight data concerning your partners or competitors as SSIM files to check connections and city pair frequencies. 
The red belt is the Paxway span - generate all connections you want to publish just some days before printing start. Paxway gives you the time to adjust for a late airport clearance or to add a new destination.
Of course the scheduling tool Builder (in Traffic) is useful through out the season for smaller airlines, for example to produce Weekly Production in Excel!  With Paxway you could make a printable timetable for Christmas - New Year or for the vacation period. Or whenever you get scheduling amendments.