UTCDST Software____________________

In Paxway the time variations (UTC <=> Local Time) are set by the loaded SSIM files. However the "local time information" used to be placed to the right of the city name is generated from data kept by the UTCDST.dll. Editing STD/STA or inserting flights in Traffic Builder needs of course access to local time / date,hour at relevant airports. And so does the SSIM file components included in the systems of Industrial Optimizers.   

The DLL is updated at least twice a year and made available for downloading below. Meanwhile it is possible to override any data through the Time Ruler in Tooling or Builder (SSIM editor), see last page in manualT.

UtcDst Time variation UTCDST   (755kb)
Builder & Tooling SSIM file editing manualT   (326kb) 

Clocker is a small program for checking any airport local time provided by the latest dll. 
The program is freeware. Note, packed as a self-extracting Zip file in UTCDST.exe! 
User of Android applications should replace older UtcDst (dll/hlp) in \ android \ software.