The module Slotter supports your slot control at airports demanding SCRs or only SMAs. This is the other side of the scheduling coin - is it possible to arrive or depart at this time at that airport? Slotter takes thus a starting point in the comparison between the scheduled legs and the held or requested slots. 
The Schedule-Slots window shows the state of your slots at the requested airport. It tells you if slots are missing or if they do not completely correspond to your flight data. Note that not cleared slots are shown at their current state.
In a case of miss-match, or if a new destination has been added to the schedule, slots must be asked for, canceled or changed. You select the line(s) involved and the Slot Request dialogue is displayed with pre-filled data for you to confirm.
The module creates the corresponding slot message consisting of the necessary lines in SSIM Chapter 6 format. Copy from the Log and send the SCR to the relevant airport coordinator.