Paxway references ___________________

The Paxway concept is in production at several airlines. The same software produces rather different timetables. Parameters control ODs and their connections and other parameters control the timetable layout and its contents. The system is also used as "Cargoway", connecting truck and flight routes all over the world and still presenting connections in local time. The variety of timetables below shows the breadth and depth of Paxway.

Scooping BU+KL with over 3000 ODs at Braathens in Oslo the system has generated the Timetable since W96:

Icelandair started to produce its timetable W98. Estonian  Air and Portugalia started S00. Paxway user from  W00 is LOT Polish Airlines:

The first cargo airline to use the system is Polar Air Cargo. Started in August 2000: