Paxway is a system that will make your Time Table production not only faster and less expensive but also more flexible - you can make changes just before printing. The whole process before printing could  take place in your office. Paxway reads SSIM files and generates connections between defined Origins and Destinations for the given period. The result is sorted and consolidated in local time and set through a template. There is no need for proofing and the result in digital form is almost ready to be printed.

No database - only some flat text files. And some user friendly Windows programs, see Software. Easy to install and easy to run. This gives you full control in every moment of the process. Check our Reference list!

Generating the connections and designing the timetable in-house is advantageous. To do both simultaneously makes three out of one plus one. Let us try to illustrate this below. 

Planning Department Marketing Department
1 The volume of timetable information is set during an early stage when the tagged text file is imported into the waiting template.
computing of traffic program time aspect
2 The traffic program is trimmed and perhaps adjusted to partners. Any amendment will still meet the deadline.
ajustments and corrections, new runs 3 This is when pages with frequent flyer information, partner hotels, safety instructions, prices, maps, calendars etc are designed.
commercial text/picture
4 When the timetable information is released it is generated from scratch, but leaves proofing un-required.
5 The tagged text floats out on the waiting pages. Page breaking is the only remaining work left to do.
the quark file before print
deadline for "travel book" distribution


6 The complete "Travel book" is sent to the printing house as a DTP file consisting of the latest known flight data. up to date timetable